Students Info – Undertaking From Trainees/Parents
The trainees who are selected for the course of training are required to execute a bond in a stamp paper of Rs.50/- in favour of the Principal of the institution that He/She will abide existing rules and regulation of this institution; that he/she will not do any act of indiscipline, that he/she will take care of the tools and equipments entrusted to him/her; that he/she will not damage any furniture, fitting, machinery and any property belonging to the institution, that in case of any damage he/she will be liable for any amount decided by the Principal, that he/she will not discontinues he/she studies before that completion of the course , that he/she S.S.L.C.and other certificate will be entrusted to the Principal till the completion of the training period, that the complete fee prescribed for the trade/course will be remitted in case of dismissal or discharge from the institution on ant account, expect balance caution deposit and that in case of any of indiscipline or breach of this condition, there will be liable for any punishment/dine, decided by the Principal.