Students Info – Rules And Regulations
1.    Application form and prospectus can be had from the Principal of the institute on request, on payment of the cost in cash or M.O.

2.    Condidates will have to appear for an interview if called for at their own cost. A board of member will interview the applicant and will be selected according to the performance of the candidate.

3.    At the time of interview, the candidate’s guardian should accompany him/her .

4.    Every pupil shall attend his/her classes punctually, Minimum 80% of the attendance should be secured by the candidate or else they are not eligible to appear for the examination.
5.    Strictly follow the instructions given by the head of the institution because they are for the smooth running of the training.

6.    Damages if any caused by the students to the furniture/equipments of the institution shall be made good at their own cost.

7.    The students have to pay their monthly installment of fees on or before the 5th day of every month. Defaulters will not be allowed  to attend the classes until the fees in remitted.

8.    If a candidate discontinues the studies after getting admission he/she shall have to pay the full fees recommended for the course as a whole. Fee once paid in lumpsum or installment is neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances.

9.    Principal has the right to expel any candidate at any time during course without refunding the fees in case of misbehavior or sub-versive movements. In all matters that decision of the Principal will be final.

10.    No student will be admitted to the institute, unless his/her application for admission is duly countersigned by the parent/guardian.

11.    Every student shall attend his/her classes punctually. He/She shall not leave the institution during the working hours, without permission from the concerned authority.

12.    Any student who is found to have secured admission by presenting false certificates shall be summarily dismissed from the institute, his fees fully forfeited, and matter reported to the police authorities.

13.    Absence of 15days without any valid reason will lead to the removal of the candidate from the rolls.

14.    At the time of admission , admission fee, first installment of the tuition fee and  special fee and other fees shall be remitted. (Fees schedule attached separately). Fees once remitted fully or partly will not be refunded of any account.