Mechanic Radio & Television trade is introduced by the NCVT, Government of India under the Craftsmen Training Scheme, considering the vital role of electronic equipments in the every day life of human beings. Under this training scheme, the need for trained technicians in the field of electronic can be created and thus sufficieny can be achieved. Therefore, job opportunity in this trade is more and easy to get a profession in this field or can find employment by self. Surely this is a boon to S.S.L.C. standard students with expectation of government jobs as a Radio & Television Mechanic. The job prospects aboard and scope for self employment are very high.

Duration : 2years
Minimum Qualification : A pass in S.S.L.C. or equivalent

Requirements in future for developing countries in the sanitary engineering field. The certificate holders are fit to get quick employment in Public Health Engineering Departments of Governments, Local bodies such as Corporations, Municipalities, Panchayaths, Private sanitary engineering concerns etc.

Duration : 1 years
Minimum Qualification : A attempt for S.S.L.C. (Pass/Fail)

Scheme of Examination:

1Social Studies2 Hrs
2Trade Theory 3 Hrs
3Workshop Calculation & Science 3 Hrs
4Engineering drawing4 Hrs
5Trade Practical 8 Hrs